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May 5, 2012 5:00am PDT
last week? we now know that scott brown very nearly killed off the affordable care act. is one of the laws direct beneficiaries. we know that brown's daughter is 23 years old and a professional singer which as you might imagine, doesn't generally come with health departmentcare. so she's oven her father's health insurance chlts we know the only reason she could be on her father's health insurance is because of a provision that allows children to stay on their parents' sheerness until 2026. we now know that what daniel bell called the cultural contradictions of capitalism are making themselves known in north carolina. and we know that at least one executive is worried that passage of the amendment will hurt the competitiveness. amendment one has the potential for disastrous effect. we've got to attract that generation. we've got to vote no on amendment one. >> we know they've aligned oaths. allied with lgbt equality and in america, that politics can be decisive in the long term. >>> thanks for the gallop survey, we know that retirement is slipping away from americans. we know that the
May 19, 2012 8:00am EDT
scott brown in massachusetts who decide we're not going to take this outside money. and we're going to make a pact that we're not going to take it from these groups that are spending dark money there. and you can have these packs that happen and also, recently, there was a court decision that said that election year in communications, these are these ads that arun within 30 days ofa primary and 60 days of a general election that doesn't really say vote for or against the candidate, but they kind of do. call barack obama and tell him to stop killing puppies. yeah. it says that they've got to actually disclose who's giving them money if they're spending more than a thousand dollars, which i think is really interesting and it's going to have implications that haven't really been talked about. >> and you made this point. one of the things is disclosure, right? and he says, clearly, disclosure is within the four squares of the constitution. and clearly, that will happen. although, of course, that has not happened. that has actually created this huge amount of money. so when the court rev
May 26, 2012 5:00am PDT
think about it, not only aren't we living up to the brown division, we're not living up to the plussie division. now, the good news is, and this is the story that doesn't get heard, is there are a small number of schools around the country known as magnet schools, connecticut has several of them, that are integrated by law and are doing extremely well. and the research has shown that our kids do, in fact, do better, particularly poor children, in integrated schools. a lot of that is about access to resources. but it's also about the effect of other children getting support at home. so you're not in a school that has concentrated poverty and where kids are coming from very similar circumstances. >> if i could just jump in here, i was lucky enough to attend integrated schools all through my education. i've been interested in this as a journalist. while it may be great for poor kids, it's not great for middle class students. they're going to go down. and that's why i think parents resisted. if they're like oh, the teacher is really focusing on them more and my kid is going to suffer. that
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)